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“Shun-ka-shu-tou” – the four seasons. 

Japanese culture finds great importance in utilizing fresh ingredients from their four beautifully distinct seasons. 

In Japan, the season of each ingredient can be broken down into three categories; “Hashiri” means the beginning peak of a season, followed by “Shun” the peak of a season and “Nagori” the end of a season.  Understanding the phases of the season is highly valued among food connoisseurs and chefs.  It is said Umami, Kaori(flavor) and the essence of the season are most balanced during Hashiri.  Hashiri presents the optimal time for chefs to have the best quality product and showcase their skills.

Hashiri San Francisco follows in the spirit of the Daikanyama Tokyo location.  At Hashiri San Francisco traditional elements, contemporary design, and cutting-edge culinary techniques combine to create a locally inspired interpretation of vibrant Japanese seasonal cuisine and ambiance.  Chef’s coursed tasting menu creates the Hashiri experience by harmonizing innovative Japanese Kaiseki-style cuisine with Edomae sushi techniques.  Hashiri is strikingly reminiscent of a true meal in Japan, yet incredibly unique and rooted in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Our chefs are privileged to have privately imported fresh fish from Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, complemented by locally sourced, sustainable produce.  The experience at Hashiri is elevated further when patrons indulge in the extensive collection of fine wines, rare sake and aged Japanese whiskey.  Old vintage Burgundy and exclusive sakes have a special prominence on the Reserve List which has over 600 selections.

Our mission is to be a luxury dining destination and San Francisco staple by maintaining our commitment to quality, sound execution and excellent service.  We look forward to having you dine with us.

Owners: Kaoru Hayashi, Ryuichi Terayama, Yasuyuki Rokuyata