A Locale that entices the five senses

At Hashiri San Francisco, traditional Japanese cultural influences meld with the modern flare of the Bay Area to create a unique, refined, yet relaxed ambiance.  The walls host art work from some of the finest trending artists, the sushi counter is made from imported Japanese Cypress, and a symbolic display on the decorative ceiling canopy screens can be seen as 16 projectors illuminate the room with visions of the changing seasons.  Seasonality and innovation are the theme of Hashiri, and we hope that guests leave entertained and delighted by the beautiful landscape of changing images, one of a kind art, eclectic design paired with their stellar dining experience.

Interior design by Yutaka Takiura and the team at T-Design Architecture, P.C.

Projection mapping directed by Hiroyuki Nakano http://www.peacedelic.jp/

Artwork by Japanese Living National Treasure is courtesy by Nana Onishi at Onish Gallery

Producer: Kaoru Hayashi