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“Shun-ka-shu-tou” – the four seasons. 

Japanese culture finds great importance in utilizing its fresh ingredients from their four beautifully distinct seasons. 

“Hashiri” means the beginning of a season of each ingredient followed by “Shun” (the peak of season) and “Nagori” (the end of season) and is valued highly among food connoisseurs because “Umami”, “Kaori” (flavor) and a feeling of the season are most balanced. Hashiri is also good timing for chefs to show their skills.

Following the Daikanyama Tokyo location, Hashiri San Francisco incorporates traditional Japanese elements, contemporary design, and cutting-edge technology to create a modern interpretation of a hip-elegant, rich, and vibrant Japanese seasonal ambiance and cuisine.

Hashiri features an authentic, made-from-scratch menu to provide guests with a redefined and unique Japanese Kaiseki & Sushi dining experience. Chef’s multi-course menu follows the traditional philosophy of Kaiseki principals while harmonizing with Edomae sushi techniques. They skillfully utilize creativity and technique to honor the very best of each season. Hashiri’s kitchen uses high-quality ingredients featuring exclusive fresh fish selected from Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, complemented by locally sourced artisanal products. Paired with the selection of finest wines and sake, Hashiri will elevate and enhance your dining experience.

We are aiming to be sustainable, and one of the best restaurants in the West Coast valued
from food lovers all over the world.


Kaoru Hayashi
Ryuichi Terayama
Yasuyuki Rokuyata