The finest hospitality through the japanese "omotenashi"

Born in the beautiful Shimane, Japan, Chef Takashi Saito's childhood was spent fishing in the crystal clear rivers. Surrounded by vibrant green mountains with abundant natural resources, Chef Saito was destined for a future in the culinary industry.  Takashi’s odyssey began as an apprentice in many of Japan’s finest kitchens, before venturing to San Francisco to define his skills.  In 2005, Takashi joined Chef Hiro Sone and Lissa Doumani’s culinary team at AME.  Learning from Chef Hiro’s cooking style, and working under Chef Greg Dunmore and Chef Yosuke Machida, he was inspired to further refine and define his techniques in cutting edge Japanese cuisine. After his time at AME, Chef Saito became the Executive Chef of Izakaya Yuzuki.  Chef's cooking style is defined by his, classic and contemporary, Japanese culinary experiences and appreciation of the beauty in the seasons finest ingredients.